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Key Media & Research (KMR) is a leading provider of information to the architectural glass and fenestration industries. In addition to producing trade publications such as USGlass Magazine and Door and Window Market Magazine [DWM], as well as organizing annual and bi-annual industry events including the Glass Expos trade shows and conferences, KMR is the go-to provider of custom and syndicated market research in the industry. KMR is also the producer of the architectural glass and glazing market data resource GlassData*.
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DISCLAIMER: The information displayed on this website and in all Key Media & Research (KMR) reports is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute any recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction or investment strategy. We emphasize that any business or investment decisions should not be made solely based on the information presented on this website or in any of our reports. We recommend that users seek relevant professional advice before making any such decisions. KMR undertakes no liability for decisions made based on analysis in this report. Opinion, projections and estimates are subject to change without notice. Data in our analysis, reports and market research can be subject to fluctuation. Neither KMR nor its author(s) provide any kind of quantitative or qualitative guarantee about the content being 100% accurate.

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